Covid-19 Policy

I have completed a full and thorough risk assessment for Claire Best Holistic Massage Therapy based on the government guidance in relation to hands-on therapies as well as the interpretations of my professional bodies – FHT and CNHC - and up to date information from NHS and WHO.


Here is a summary of what you can expect when you book a massage:


Screening for COVID-19:


  • 24 hours before your appointment, I will call you for a COVID-19 telephone assessment in which we will discuss symptoms of you, your household and support bubble as well as your general health and shielding/risk category


  • When you arrive for your appointment, I will use an infrared thermometer to measure your temperature


  • I will also be monitoring my health, my family’s health and taking our temperatures 


  • If at any time before your massage appointment you or anyone in your household or support bubble develops symptoms or if you have been contacted by Track and Trace, please contact me to cancel your appointment. There will be no cancellation fee applied.


You will not be able to book a massage, if:



  • You, your household or support bubble are showing signs of COVID-19 or if you have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace


You will require medical consent and I will need to determine if the benefit of massage outweighs the risk on a case by case basis, if:


  • You have had and tested positive for COVID 19 (the possible lasting side effects are contraindicated in massage)


  • You are in the clinically vulnerable (medium risk) category and have been told to minimise time spent outside your home to exercise and shopping (I can provide a letter template to use with your health professional)


For your safety, I promise to:


  • Monitor my own health and take my temperature daily

  • Monitor my family’s health and take their temperature daily

  • Reduce client appointments to a maximum of 2 per day

  • Reduce appointment time to 60 minutes

  • Ventilate the massage room, bathroom and hallway before and after every client

  • Provide hand sanitiser in the hall, bathroom and massage room

  • Wash and sanitise my hands and arms before I meet you, after I’ve set up the room and before I don clean gloves to massage you

  • Provide you with your own soap and hand towel and ask that you to wash your hands before and after your treatment

  • Deep clean and disinfect all hard surfaces you may come into contact with, including doors, floors, bannisters, hallway, bathroom, massage couch and massage room before and after every client

  • Wash all towels, couch covers and clothing before and after every client (as per my usual code of conduct)

  • Use visor, mask and gloves, as advised by the government and for which I am fully trained in the correct usage and disposal


I ask that you:


  • Wear a face covering 

  • Bring your own water

  • Call me from the front garden so I can open the door for you

  • Keep jewellery and clothing layers to a minimum

  • Shower and change clothes if you are coming directly from a public place (e.g; shop), your workplace or public transport prior to your massage appointment

  • Sanitise and wash your hands upon arrival and before you leave

  • Keep me up to date regarding any changes in your health


I hope you feel assured that I have thoroughly read, understood and implemented the safety guidelines in order to minimise risk and that you acknowledge how things will be a bit different from usual. Nevertheless, I feel confident in how we can approach this together and look forward to seeing you in the massage room soon.

Claire Best Holistic Massage Therapy, Herne Hill, London