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Are you feeling List-less

Happy New Year! Are you back in the swing of things yet?

f I'm honest, I've been a bit slow getting into the swing of things so far, which I'm guessing has something to do with an extraordinarily long school holiday, not nearly enough sleep, too much cheese, not knowing what day of the week it is and a pile of boring admin to start off the year. Which brings me to lists. Are you a list writer? I've been trying to get a handle on the first week back with lists. Lists of admin, lists of chores, today's list, tomorrow's list, by-the-end-of-the-month list, house admin, school admin, weekly shopping list and so on. Do you do this? I love lists and I loathe lists in equal measure. I now have too many lists on too many scraps of paper. But what about a different kind of list?! A sort of resolution but not a resolution list. Are you resolver? I try not to get involved in New Year's resolution tradition as I find it a bit self-loathing (slimmer, fitter, better,denial), however, I was recently reminded of a rather lengthy set of goals I'd thrown together this time three years ago. The list included getting a second hand bike, reading a novel in French, making a skirt, training in soft tissue release, getting into volunteering, teaching a friend how to bake and meditating for 10 minutes daily. The list was actually 37 items long (!), none of it too arduous and all of it fun or self-improving. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that three years later I'd accomplished at least 16 items on the list, some of which have lead me down some interesting and unexpected new paths. Another friend, who was feeling a bit lost and a bit low last year, wrote herself a list retrospectively of everything she had achieved from 0 to 40 including learning to walk, working abroad and raising a child. I did the same for what I felt I'd achieved since 39. Turns out I've kept myself pretty busy!

So, yes, lists can be helpful. Amongst other things, this year's fun list includes getting a blog published, training in myofascial release, making a dress and putting money aside for regular massage treatments. Watch this space!

So, if like me, you are finding your mojo has gone missing, might it be worth writing a list of all the things you'd love to do? Challenging but achievable, fun things, things you love and definitely no deadlines!

Anyway, perhaps it was just me this week and your motivation is just tickety boo. I hope so, I hope you are well and enjoying the start to the year. I'm now ready in the massage room and looking forward to seeing you.

Claire xx

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