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The one I didn't want to write

It is with huge regret that I'm writing to let you know that my professional body, CNHC, have written requesting me to cease work temporarily. Massage is my passion, not just my livelihood and I'm going to miss it in my life. However, I am aiming to make a few massage videos between homeschooling my six-year old. I'm also going to keep in touch with the hospitals in case they need a hospital-trained volunteer for any non-clinical tasks. We are all in so many different types of boat sailing in the same storm, coping as best we can, throwing in our efforts and trying to look after our mental health and physical health. Let's all exercise patience and empathy with everyone we know while they come to terms with the new reality. When this awfulness is over, I'll be waiting for you in the massage room with the same classical music playing - maybe I'll find time to get some new music.

Wishing you all so much love and strength, Claire x

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Claire Best

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