What do I mean by "Holistic" Massage Therapy?

Derived from Greek, holistic refers to the whole. 

While I employ a range of different massage techniques, I work on the basis that massage is aiming to balance and benefit all systems of the body including skeletal, muscular, hormonal, nervous, digestive, skin, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic and reproductive systems. One system of the body being out of balance can impact on all other systems of the body. For instance, poor skeletal posture might affect muscle health and the way you breathe.

Initially we sit down together for a consultation where I aim to get an overall picture of your medical history and lifestyle as well as physical and emotional well-being. We also discuss what you want from your massage treatment.

Once I have a clear picture of you as a whole I am able to tailor your massage with the aim of bringing your body back into balance. 


Combining information from the consultation process and from my observations during the massage treatment, I try to give you useful homecare advice.

To summarise, what I am trying to say is that each person is more than just an aching, knotty pair of shoulders. Why are they knotty? For some office workers it is related to posture and too long spent in the same position in front of the computer; for others it might be related to stress and depression, and very frequently from carrying your life in a heavy handbag. By looking at you as a whole we can usually find some solutions and use massage to relieve pain, help you relax and bring you back into a state of balance.

If I am concerned about your safety and suitability for massage, or where I am not qualified to give advice, I will always refer you to your doctor or to another trained specialist. 

Claire Best Holistic Massage Therapy, Herne Hill, London