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In lockdown, while I wasn't allowed to work, I produced a series of videos to support my clients. Please feel free to view anytime or use the buttons in video to share.

To view a video click the links below or use the drop down menu on Videos above to select.

The Importance of Microbreaks

I see many clients who work at a desk for long periods. This video explains the importance of taking regular small breaks and gives some ideas of things to do in the break to help your body relax and renew your focus. The video lasts about 2 minutes.

Stretching Routine

A quick stretching routine you can use for your neck, shoulders and forearms during your micro breaks. The video lasts about 6 minutes, so stick the kettle on and have a quick cuppa.

Self Hugging

Sometimes you really need a hug. There's no substitute for a long hug from someone you love. But if they're not available these simple techniques could be the next best thing. Give them a go.

How to give yourself a head massage

To help with relaxation, I have made you a video demonstrating how to give yourself a quick face and head massage.

How to Sit well

A short video sharing some techniques to improve your posture while sitting.

Breathing techniques

A short video demonstrating breathing techniques and tips for managing breathlessness caused by anxiety, stress and underlying health conditions.

Claire Best

Holistic Massage Therapy
Petersfield, Hampshire
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