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My family and I moved to Petersfield in late 2022 but I first opened Claire Best Holistic Massage in 2011 from my home in South London. 

​My first job was to settle my son into school and my family into the community, while taking on the lofty title of Chief of DIY. I now have a client loo and massage room to be very proud of.  It isn’t easy relocating and I am ever grateful to Petersfield Walking Festival, Sheet Primary School, Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society and Mays Bed and Breakfast, amongst others, for helping to make the transition a little smoother.​

I first got into massage whilst working in the City. Years of excessive working hours and ever changing pressures in a sink or swim culture had gradually taken their toll on my wellbeing but I found that regular massage slowed me down, eased anxiety and enabled me to sleep and to cope. Somewhere along the line though I'd lost the little girl that cared for her friends and who dreamt of being a nurse and I felt very disconnected from myself. 

Inspired by my wonderful massage therapist, I secretly signed up for a year long massage course. I think the universe was working in my favour because during one week in October 2011, just as I was taking my final massage exams, I got made redundant.....and the rest, as they say, is history.


My journey in massage has been one of no regret and, since opening, I have worked with a very wide range of clients: people coming from office jobs or the media, seeking massage for neck, shoulder and lower back pain; others seeking support and respite in emotionally difficult times; many have come as part of their on-going self-care routine. I’ve massaged 42-week pregnant women, older clients with reduced mobility, a Radio 4 audience for All in the Mind, long distance runners, cyclists and people living with medical conditions, including cancer and MS.​

Over time I have become increasingly interested in massage from a mental health perspective and am motivated by the nurturing side of massage and its ability to support and improve quality of life. I place great importance on adapting massage for people who, in the past, perhaps because of medical conditions, may have been turned away. ​

Alongside my own business, I am proud to be a Clinical Massage Therapist for the Full Circle Fund Therapy team at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. Here I support adult inpatients undergoing treatment in Haematology and Oncology, sometimes providing palliative and end-of-life massage. I have also recently started with the Macmillan's Cancer Centre at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.​

My hope is to create a safe and welcoming massage space for the people of Petersfield and its surrounding areas.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment.

Please also consider subscribing to my regular newsletters, which are full of ideas to improve your well-being and include any offers.

Claire Best

Holistic Massage Therapy
Petersfield, Hampshire
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