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How to give yourself a head massage

To help with relaxation, I have made you a video demonstrating how to give yourself a quick face and head massage.

Please bear in mind that it is intended for self-massage and that I will be producing a separate video for you to use on others. 

It is intended to be a slow and gentle massage routine but I wouldn't be following guidelines if I didn't say to exercise caution if you have any medical issues, including high/low blood pressure, osteoporosis, trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy, thrombosis etc.  Please also heed the following advice:

- ensure that you have washed your hands thoroughly according to NHS guidance
- do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
- understand that if you are pregnant, you mustn't press on the point midway along your shoulder between the base of your neck and your shoulder joint
- avoid pressing on your neck vertebrae
- avoid scar tissue, open wounds, weeping eczema

Claire Best

Holistic Massage Therapy
Petersfield, Hampshire
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